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So here we go. Slice Theater. Life is about experiences. Theater is about experiencing. Slice makes new and unexpected experiences. We will show smaller, independent films. We will produce musicals and plays that are too weird, naughty, edgy, modern or odd for other theaters in town. We will produce variety shows featuring local talent and a house band. We support filmmakers, singers, dancers, actors, seamstresses, mermaids, trebuchet builders, spoken word performers, jazz musicians, jugglers, fire breathers, henna artists, writers, sound and light technicians, comedians, inspirational speakers and anyone who want to make or experience art. We will provide something different for people to see and do. We will bring to town some of the unique art experiences available in larger cities. We will provide a place for creative folks to sell their wares. We will build connections with performers and venues and theaters that will make us all better.  

So here’s the blog. Where you get to watch Slice happen. Here’s where we will post links to articles and videos about cool stuff going on. Where we will work together to have fun and experience something different. 

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